CHECKOIL – The Cat’s Mechanic


Aaron Water’s new satirical comedy sci-fi novel. Paperback, 537 pages.



This is the story of “Checkoil” (Michael J. Cartwright) – car-mechanic and science fiction fan who whilst at work begins to receive calls on his mobile ‘phone from a squeaky voice, dialing from his home number and purporting to be his cat – compromising his relationship with his girlfriend who has a key to his house.

Checkoil’s desperate attempts to get to the bottom of this produce hilarious and increasingly surreal situations – nightmares for his neighbours, visits from the police, the threat of nuclear war, a strange odyssey and a twist ending – somewhere in an infinite universe everything must happen – including this!


Paperback  537 pages  £13.99 + £4.00 p&p  (£17.99 total)

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